S02:E12 Jude 14-16

Jude is at his most perplexed.  What is he doing? What is he thinking?  Why would he quote from 1 Enoch?  He wants us to see in our heart, in our very imaginations, our Lord is coming; that he is coming to save, and to judge.  This is one powerful word from Jude.  So powerful that it is so unforgettable.  We will see Jesus coming with his thousands.

S02:E09 Jude 8

In this episode, we move into the powerful commentary on his Old Testament text.  We move into Jude 8.  We want to connect the Old Testament examples with Jude’s present day situation.  We want to know what it means to pollute our bodies, reject authority and all that it means to slander celestial beings.  Jude is going to leave our mouths open and our hearts trusting in Christ alone.

S02:E04 Jude 1b-2

Today we finish Jude 1 and 2.  We dive deep into the first two of Jude’s triad.  We are called loved and kept. It’s the keeping that is at the heart of Jude’s message.  Knowing how contentious he is about to get, he greets the recipients of his letter with mercy, peace and love.  Jude wants these three gifts of God to be multiplied to these people. Putting into context why he doesn’t greet his readers with the normal grace and peace as seen with the Apostle Paul.

S02:E02 Jude 1a

Today we make a start into Jude 1 and 2, but just a start. We will get hung up on the very first word.  Who is Jude or is it Judas?  By process of elimination and help of other Scripture, we will make a stunning conclusion.  Jude is someone who was once an unbeliever but came to be a servant of Jesus Christ, his own half-brother, in seeing him rise from the dead.

S02:E01 Jude Introduction

Welcome to the book of Jude. Why are we talking about Jude? Why would you want to listen to a podcast on Jude? It’s not a major book of the Bible, its short, it’s not well known. It’s a perfect parallel with today’s world.  It’s beautiful in every sense, its intense and its full of Christ. It’s time for our journey in the book of Jude!