S03:E7 Jonah 3 Part 1

We enter into scene four of the book of Jonah. We watch the Lord re-call Jonah to a prophetic ministry to Nineveh. We wonder to ourselves whether or not Jonah will fulfill his calling this time. We look at the grace of God that he's dishing out to all the characters involved. We end by discussing the way our hearts can treat our own callings with so much disdain, but see how the Lord uses those calls that look small and dirty to us to play a big part in God's saving scheme.

S03:E6 Jonah 2 Part 2

We continue looking in depth at the third scene of the book of Jonah. This time we explore two more character: Jonah and Jesus. We see Jonah's psalm is all he hopes it to be. It's not perfect. In some cases, it's just plain troubling. We identify with him strongly in that. We see how our prayers can be flawed, our motives mixed, and our best ideas problematic. Then we see Jesus, the greater Jonah, and we talk over each other with so much excitement. He's just so - well - Jesus.

S03:E5 Jonah 2 Part 1

We move into the third scene of the book of Jonah. We organize the chapter for our listeners around the four main characters involved. We notice the Lord hemming Jonah in, enclosing him with his mercy, and are moved by his constant instigation for his children. We also try not to become marine biologists as we notice and try to understand a very nauseous fish.

S03:E4 Jonah 1:4-16 Part 2

We take a second look at the second scene of Jonah this time with a focus on Jonah himself. We watch him move lower and lower and lower and lower until he's managed to lower himself all the way into the heart of the sea. We think about his rebellion and marvel at the way the Lord continues to send wave after wave of his relentless mercy to his fleeing child. As we think that through we consider for a while escapism in the modern life. We close on a cliffhanger asking ourselves what the Lord will do with his children who end up all the way in sheol.

SO3:E3 Jonah 1:4-16 Part 1

We walk into the second scene of the book of Jonah feeling the swirl of wind and the pounding of waves and watching the waves rise. We discuss the historicity of the account and then take a dive into cultural views of the sea both then and now. We end with our jaws on the ground staring at Lord's heart in this Scripture especially as we see how he even manages to use the disobedience of his children to draw people to himself.

SO3:E2 Jonah 1:2-3

We take our first deep dive into the book of Jonah. We begin by taking a hot air balloon over the book and chapter. We then take in the first scene of the book. We end with heavy application of what we've learned seeing ourselves in the person of Jonah and working out for ourselves the ways in which we find Joppa and head for Tarshish. We end with an application of the ultimate prophet, Jesus Christ, to ourselves and our listeners who heard his calling and obeyed.

S03:E1 Jonah 1:1

We begin our journey into the book of Jonah discussing what makes Jonah culturally and biblically significant, but end up focusing on how we can be "doves," "flight risks," and, "shipwrecks" in our own lives. We also take notice of some immediate satire and biting irony. We close ready to take a journey into the parts of our hearts that are flighty with the hope that we will be spit up on the other side of our journey with more faithfulness and truth - all by the power of the Word of the Lord that comes to us through Jonah.

S02:E12 Jude 14-16

Jude is at his most perplexed.  What is he doing? What is he thinking?  Why would he quote from 1 Enoch?  He wants us to see in our heart, in our very imaginations, our Lord is coming; that he is coming to save, and to judge.  This is one powerful word from Jude.  So powerful that it is so unforgettable.  We will see Jesus coming with his thousands.

S02:E09 Jude 8

In this episode, we move into the powerful commentary on his Old Testament text.  We move into Jude 8.  We want to connect the Old Testament examples with Jude’s present day situation.  We want to know what it means to pollute our bodies, reject authority and all that it means to slander celestial beings.  Jude is going to leave our mouths open and our hearts trusting in Christ alone.

S02:E04 Jude 1b-2

Today we finish Jude 1 and 2.  We dive deep into the first two of Jude’s triad.  We are called loved and kept. It’s the keeping that is at the heart of Jude’s message.  Knowing how contentious he is about to get, he greets the recipients of his letter with mercy, peace and love.  Jude wants these three gifts of God to be multiplied to these people. Putting into context why he doesn’t greet his readers with the normal grace and peace as seen with the Apostle Paul.